Measuring Yourself on the Three Imperatives

Dear [~FirstName~],

Thank you for completing the assessment, Breakthrough Leadership: Measuring Yourself on the Three Imperatives. The assessment is based on the article Are You a Good Boss or a Great Boss in Harvard Business Review, January-February 2011, used with permission.

Your quiz results are located here. Imagine this was a wheel you were trying to ride. How BUMPY is your ride going to be? Now imagine that your wheel looked like this. Wouldn’t your ride be so much smoother?


Did your responses cover the whole range from 1 to 5? If you consistently assessed yourself at 3 or above, you should be sceptical. In the experience of the authors, few bosses merit high ratings across the board.

Did you give yourself mostly 3s? Take care not to hide in the middle, telling yourself, “I’m OK – not great, but not failing either.” And don’t be satisfied to stay there. “I’m not failing” is the watchword of those who are comfortable – and stuck.

Your complete quiz scores can be viewed here.

Unfortunately, many people in life ride bumpy wheels. Isn’t it time you became the exception and switched to riding a smooth wheel, for a smooth ride?

Give us a call to discuss your findings, and to help you brainstorm least-effort initiatives that can yield you inspiring results.

Warm wishes,

Karim H. Ismail, MBA
Founder and CEO, 
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