Terry Barber

Terry is an expert on getting people to follow and belong to a brand. He is an often-consulted resource Fox News, ABC News, and CNN Radio. Terry is the Chief Inspiration Officer and Co-founder Performance Inspired, Inc. He is also author of The Inspiration Factor: How You Can Revitalize Your Company Culture in 12 Weeks.

Some of the groups he has worked with to help establish loyal followers include Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, Emory Healthcare, Duke Medicine, University of Arizona Healthcare, National Parkinson Foundation, and the ALS Association.

Terry created and launched the first ever consumer-centric study on the Most Inspiring Companies™ in America to learn how these companies became so successful at getting customers to follow and promote their mission. The findings from the research was first published in Forbes, May 2010 and then reprinted in hundreds of business journals around the world. The list is published annually and has been valued and used by many multi-national companies including Microsoft, McDonalds, and Southwest Airlines.

This groundbreaking consumer-centric study on Most Inspiring Companies has led to the development of The Inspiration Index™. This index enables organizations to assess their inspiration factor against the most inspiring company benchmarks. It also enables them to leverage a powerful database of real-time digital research on consumer sentiment from a variety of social media networks, online news media, etc. that is continually updated. Performance Inspired will build and expand its lists of Most Inspiring Companies across the globe, while reporting on the leading organizational practices that inspire stakeholders.

Terry’s accomplishments also included architecting a movement that engaged over 300,000 families into the Great American Hero brand that resulted in over 10,000 evangelistic followers promoting the mission and the product.

Through the years, Terry has taken this message of how to gain faithful followers, internally and externally, to over one million people and continues to consult with companies and nonprofits on the same.