Larry Mohl

Larry Mohl is Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer for Performance Inspired, Inc a consulting, learning, research and media firm specializing in assisting organizations to elevate workplace and marketplace performance by activating the science of inspiration. Larry is a nationally recognized thought leader, author, speaker, Chief Learning Officer for Fortune 100 companies, and entrepreneur. He is the co-author of Network Is Dead: Making Connections That Matter.

As Chief Learning Officer for the Personal Communications Sector of Motorola Inc., The American Express Company, and Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Larry has pioneered innovative approaches to leadership development, knowledge communities, and integrated talent management. As a senior human resource leader and well-known change architect, he has vast, multi-industry experience in large complex organizations. His contributions have included development of talent strategies and implementation of company-wide programs that have led to measureable increases in employee engagement, retention, leadership supply, and organization capability.

Larry has been a contributing author for several books such as, “Courageous Training: Bold Actions for Business Results”, and “Talent Management Strategies from Six Leading Companies”. He has also been featured as the cover story for “Chief Learning Officer Magazine” as well as appearances in other publications such as “Training Magazine”, “Talent Management Magazine”, “CIO Magazine”, and the “Atlanta Journal Constitution”. His new book, “Networking is Dead – Making Connections that Matter” is scheduled for release in November 2012.

Larry serves on the Board of Directors for the Atlanta Human Resources Leadership Forum and as Expert Advisor to the Human Capital Institute. He holds three international patents and is an award winning professional composer and musician. Larry, a leading practitioner on the use of “music in business”, is currently creating and producing “Innovative Music Solutions” to help corporations inspire higher levels of engagement, commitment, and brand advocacy.