Integrative Strategy

Global Partners and The Pacific Institutes Investment in Excellence Curriculum is grounded in human development, applying and teaching cognitive psychology principles around efficacy. Grounded in clinically validated research, the curriculum is widely recognized in academia and corporations for its effective delivery of distinct tools and processes for people to realize their potential, and accelerate their effectiveness.

Manzimvula worked with Global Partners to enhance the process and protocols for the curriculum’s delivery and facilitation. The goal was to develop an approach that would allow more sessions to be facilitated, and to measure results more accurately.

We enhanced the teaching efficacy of the curriculum by increasing the number of exercises and attendees’ direct participation, both during the actual classes and subsequent daily, weekly and monthly group calls. To enhance the classroom portion, we established goals and objectives with each participant and then assembled mini teams within the group to collaborate on conference calls after the classroom sessions. These calls took place for six weeks between classroom sessions, and for three months following the final session.

Manzimvula was directly responsible for delivering and facilitating the curriculum to leadership groups in a number of companies, including the Senior Executive of the Direct Selling Association of Canada. The improvements were remarkable and created significantly better results in their teams and organizations.

The curriculum dovetails with Manzimvula’s Integrative Strategy approach, as it applies through the education process a common language within organizations and teams that enables them to communicate significantly more effectively. Leaders learn to expand their thinking and to create and accomplish their visions. They’re self-motivated, open minded and accountable.

By using these creative and innovative thinking processes, organizations and teams quickly develop strong relationships and wealth-producing visions. People experience the joy and excitement of making a difference and sustaining personal and business growth.