Large-scale change

A privately owned global manufacturing company in 17 countries solicited organizational development support to centralize processes, meet aggressive business goals, facilitate leadership transition, and create a unified culture. This highly decentralized organization benefitted from a variety of co-designed change initiatives that promoted technology integration and the establishment of improved shared leadership standards all the while balancing respect for different cultures with needed corporate standardization.

Through consulting expertise and support, senior management designed and implemented a comprehensive three-year strategy focused on the human dimension of change including leadership development, global policies, culture, performance management, enhanced technology, and the introduction of lean manufacturing. Utilizing customized approaches, teams were able to identify and leverage their strengths and clarify their goals and roles while interventions with newly formed teams accelerated the establishment of team norms and strategy. The leadership team further developed through Coaching and Facilitation. With support, senior management recognized the need for, and provided, continuous improvement updates on approaches, recommendations, and follow-through.

As a result of the change initiative, the company realized an increase in sales, productivity, and employee engagement. They continue to benefit from a clearly articulated and widely embraced culture, an explicit worldwide strategy, advances in technology, enhanced leadership, and a process for transitioning new and improved ideas throughout the organization.