Across cultures

Operating in 48 countries and with more than $250 million in revenue, the China-based Tianshi Group distributes and sells health care products for individuals and their families.

Tianshi wanted to create a Network Marketing division to expand their business to 48 countries around the world. Their vision entailed creating a positive impact on the global community, first by providing exceptional health products, and second, by giving individuals the opportunity to create personal wealth. Tianshi wanted to become the premier network marketing company in the world. Their success would be measured not merely in financial terms, but by the contribution it makes to the global community—thereby setting the standards by which all other companies are measured.

Tianshi’s goals were ambitious, requiring a needs analysis, market overview, competitive analysis for their product line, and a full business and financial plan proposal. Manzimvula completed these analyses and defined a business model, which was approved by the company’s executive group. The plan encompassed development of infrastructure and operations in three markets (United States, Canada, and Mexico), which would serve as a template for other regions around the world.

We then created a portfolio of the necessary projects and broke the process down into three phases:

Phase 1 – Consolidation The first challenge was to work across cultures, transforming what was largely a manufacturing and retail workforce into a network marketing company. We designed and facilitated the transition to the new corporate infrastructure and included the consolidation and centralization of the Consultant (Customer) Services, Operations and Marketing functions of the Company. The marketing aspect included a new corporate web site, clear and consistent consultant training tools, policies and procedures, and a monthly newsletter. We also redefined the Tianshi Compensation Plan across North America, building consensus around the new approach, and eliminating international inconsistencies.
On completion, this phase facilitated uniform and transparent services across North America, and materials that defined a consistent model in English, Chinese and Spanish.

Phase 2 – Market Operations To support benchmark operational standards, we developed additional sales and marketing tools and Consultant training and education programs across North America. We also redesigned the product line—including formulas, packaging, marketing and product information. This included strategic work with the operations team to establish centralized fulfillment centers in the United States and in the Ontario region of Canada to ensure effective and speedy delivery of orders to consultants and customers.

Phase 3 – Expansion We further developed the company’s business model, supporting steady growth of revenues and earnings, and positioning the company to attract professional, long-term business builders.

This phase also included an expanded review of Tianshi’s Global Compensation Plan and Independent Consultant Policies and Procedures to create a base set of documents that are clear, consistent and transparent worldwide, and to ensure that North American practices are consistent with Global practices within the Company.

Manzimula’s highly successful engagement united distinct phases of engagement and diverse projects, to facilitate Tianshi’s remarkable growth. During our initial analyses, we identified a relatively large number of factors that would be critical to success. The engagement was necessarily wide-reaching and complex.

Given the company’s Chinese heritage, senior leaders and the organizational community as a whole had to reach far outside their ‘comfort zone’ and business culture. It was remarkable how the team ultimately united, successfully executing the entire global vision and all related projects.