Renewed growth

With physical operations in 17 countries and marketing reach into 35 distinct markets on every continent, Lifestyles Nutrition Products is an established and respected international firm.

Amid declining revenues and markets, and a number of negative events, Lifestyles retained Manzimvula to define a strategy to re-engage historically loyal clients, and chart a course for renewed growth and success.

Our first priority was to undertake a situational assessment to quantify the market mood and existing customer base. We worked with the company’s Canadian head office, and visited customers in each Lifestyles’ markets. Through those dialogues, and discussions with sales leaders and corporate staff, we determined the core product was respected, but that support tools, training systems, recognition programs and compensation structures were in need of review. In response to these needs, we developed a completely new training system, including tools and presentations built upon a step-by-step approach—so new product users and sales people could grow with the plan and the training system.

In collaboration with representative groups from each market, we developed an eight-step graduated training system called the Lifestyles Success System, and a series of high-end publications in 17 languages. Each market’s system was adapted to address local market and cultural expectations, while delivering a consistent message and creating a common language across all markets.

We then took the system on a world tour, introducing it to each market, and conducting training for the corporate staff, the market leadership group, and the general field.

Our commitment to open discussion, active listening and understanding the needs of local markets helped us engage leadership, staff and customers, effectively gaining their trust and mutual commitment to our approach.
This engendered significant buy-in, which aligned the founders’ vision with their company’s personnel. Activity increased in each market and revenues turned the corner and started to grow. Over the next three years, the company achieved sales growth of 20% year over year.