The Inspiration Factor: How You Can Revitalize Your Company Culture in 12 Weeks

The Inspiration Factor by Terry Barber. For managers and executives who are watching their employees struggle, there is a simple solution that can turn a workplace around in just twelve weeks–and grow the bottom line. The Inspiration Factor shows businesspeople how to inspire–not just motivate–others by tapping into their dreams and tying them to corporate goals. Along the way, those inspiring organizations make more money, have better employee retention, and earn greater customer loyalty than their competitors do.

Being authentic, seeing others’ abilities, connecting with other people’s dreams, and earning trust through credibility are some of the tenets of author Terry Barber’s program. To underscore the seven principles of inspiration he outlines, he offers real-life applications throughout the book based on his almost thirty years of experience. And to help leaders nail the art and science of identifying and applying their unique abilities to inspire others, he provides thought-provoking questions and concrete exercises that can be implemented the very day they open the book.

For leaders who question whether they and their teams are valuing the right things, focusing on the right priorities, and building a supportive environment, The Inspiration Factor offers confidence, personal fulfillment, and a more productive, happier workforce.

Praise for The Inspiration Factor:

”The Inspiration Factor is a must-read for any- and everybody who truly desires to take their environment–at work or at home–from good . . . to better . . . to best. Inspire! And while you’re inspiring . . . PERSIST WITHOUT EXCEPTION!”
–Andy Andrews, New York Times bestselling author of The Traveler’s Gift and The Noticer

”Terry’s book enlightens us to listen, to hear, to learn, to empathize, to inspire. Read it and be inspired. Practice it and inspire. This book will change lives forever.”
–Tom Harrison, LHD, chairman and CEO, Diversified Agency Services

”Clear, concise, and full of real-life experiences and tools, this book will leave you with a strong understanding of how to inspire in a way that truly motivates others.”
–Paulette V. Maehara, CFRE, CAE, president and CEO, Association of Fundraising Professionals