Brand DNA: Uncover Your Organization’s Genetic Code for Competitive Advantage

Brand DNA by Carol Chapman and Suzanne Tulien. This step-by-step, brand-defining methodology guides you and your employee teams toward uncovering your brand’s unique genetic code; your Dimensional Nucleic Assets®, from the inside out. Once defined, your business begins its transformation as it gets highly focused and infuses your brand DNA into your systems, leadership and culture, then through your promotional efforts.

Brand DNA will help you establish a foundation for success by defining your distinguishing brand attributes: VALUES, STYLE, DIFFERENTIATORS, and STANDARDS upon which to create competitive advantage and build your authentic brand. It is the foundation that enables you to:

  • Cultivate a unified, inspired, and engaged employee culture that supports your brand 100% and shares common core values and performance standard;
  • Create consistent brand experiences that win customers for life ;
  • Adapt your business strategy and set the rules for doing business ;
  • Establish the basis for brand awareness by leveraging your distinctive brand attributes through the behaviors of your employees;
  • Create long term growth and sustainability for your business;
  • Leverage your brand DNA attributes within your external marketing efforts, social media, and PR to create distinction and competitive advantage.

Carol Chapman and Suzanne Tulien are based out of Colorado Springs, CO and co-founded the Brand Ascension Group to create a paradigm shift in the way organizations define and build their brands–from the Inside Out. As experiential consultants, speakers and trainers, they work with organizations to achieve transformational brand success through strategic, internal branding practices. As co-developers of pioneering brand building methodologies–Brand DNA (Dimensional Nucleic Assets®) and The Brand DNA System™, they have helped numerous businesses create consistent, relevant and distinctive experiences that engage, inspire and win their employees and customers for life.