Rate your organization

Has your organization grown by 110% or more per year in revenues over the last few years? Has its value grown by 160% or more per year? And if you are publicly traded, has it grown by 4 times the major North American indices?

Well, you can achieve this impressive growth if you replicate the same thinking as the companies that have the winning 4+2 formula.

Step 1? Assess your company (or not-for-profit or hospital, for whom the formula is equally applicable) against the factors that have propelled the growth of companies such as Avery Dennison, Campbell Soup, Cardinal Health, Citigroup, Duke Power, General Electric, Home Depot, Nucor, Procter & Gamble, Target and Walgreens, to name a few. To do so at no charge, using an assessment tool that originates at Harvard Business Review, please contact me today. Developing your company scorecard is the first step on the path to understanding what you can do to achieve such spectacular growth too.