Inspired Innovation

It’s a given that a company’s employees are the lifeblood of the organization. Aside from the obvious reasons, one of the most important results with a well-trained and ambitious employee base is the opportunity for meaningful innovation.

When we speak of innovation in this context we don’t mean the process of turning out new products or establishing a new offering, important as these are, but also the application of efficiencies, the use of technology, and the ability to adapt to the point where innovations aren’t just rewarding, but are revolutionary and disruptive.

Interestingly the 4+2 study did not turn up specific results on innovation as it relates to process or investment, whether cash or time-based. Instead the truly innovative Winners exhibited one key trait that makes a huge difference: the ambition to lead the way with major, industry-changing innovations and a willingness to cannibalize offerings.

How Avidium can help

Avidium, through its partner Solution People, has worked with clients over the last 20 years to introduce the disruptive technologies and business models that have been the hallmark of Apple, Google, Nike, Toyota, and many others. We provide clients with the tools to anticipate change ahead of industry peers, and help to instill the courage necessary to innovate, even if it means cannibalizing existing products. Finally, our consultants look to apply new technologies in enhancing and constantly streamlining internal processes.