Inspired Execution

If a company’s strategy is its road map to success, then tactical execution is where the rubber meets the road in accomplishing objectives. Over the years, companies of all shapes and sizes have employed a variety of approaches to be more efficient, but time and time again Winners have proven that a sound mastery of business basics is far more important than virtually everything else.

The 4+2 study highlighted that a Winning company that consistently outperforms the competition does so at roughly three times the industry average. This constant need to boost efficiency has spawned a variety of evolving technologies and practices – Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Knowledge Management – all buzzwords that have become standard fare in a high-powered fast paced world. But in making use of these tools, some companies have overly relied on them as a crutch, not investing enough in ensuring that customer needs are effectively met and that products are delivered with high-quality, and on-time.

Execution is the missing link between aspirations and results, and as such, making it happen is the business leader’s most important responsibility. Conflicting organizational activities, silos, redundant processes, confusing governance policies, and excessively bureaucratic operating procedures block effective, and consistent tactical execution. More than 64% of C-suite executives from 250 mid-sized to large organizations in the United States and the European Union have said that being able to execute, and to react quickly to changing business opportunities and technologies, is critical for their success, including the need to have decision-making authority as close to those involved with implementation as possible. With that said, nearly 80% of executives said that smooth execution is nearly impossible to achieve.

Clearly, there is a fundamental gap, often called it the Execution Gap, between the best-laid plans and their realization.

How Avidium can help

Avidium works with clients to ensure that they remain consistent and disciplined with the implementation of the organization’s strategies and tactical approach. Part of this endeavor is encouraging both growth and operational efficiency as these are not mutually exclusive needs. Avidium also provides counsel on how best to deliver on the brand promise, meet and exceed stakeholder expectations, empower front line employees with the authority to respond to customer needs, decrease customer turnover, and increase customer satisfaction, all the while improving productivity.