Happiness at Work assessments

iPPQ – the individual

This deeply researched, validated and robust instrument helps individuals, teams and organizations assess their performance, productivity and potential through the science of happiness at work. Taking 10-15 minutes to complete, everyone who does it receives a six page report outlining the status and effect of their levels of happiness at work. Best of all they get questions to prompt further thinking and action. To view a sample personal report click here.

This instrument is for you if you’re thinking any of the following questions:

  • What’s missing from my working life?
  • How do I really know?
  • What would make me give my best to this organization all the time?

iPPQ – the team or organization

A team report is based on agglomerated individual data. It’s delivered as a PowerPoint presentation with bullets for what’s working and what isn’t. And it comes with suggested next steps for teams to decide what to do. It’s practical, easy to interpret and best of all easy to take action.

This instrument is important if you’re thinking any of the following questions:

  • What’s getting in the way of this team doing better at work?
  • Why don’t we really tackle the tough stuff once and for all?
  • What could we really achieve if we only got out of our own way?

iCAT: the iOpener Communication Assessment Tool is an audit tool which assesses actual versus desired personal  communication ability. View sample report.

i360A: this leadership development tool examines a leader’s capacity to build and maintain teams which perform and flourish by maximizing happiness at work.

iHHT: the iOpener Happiness Hotspot Tool: this assesses who in a network adds to and who detracts from the performance and happiness of others (under development).


To make these reports as efficient and effective as possible, we have provided tools and techniques to work through issues raised. That means reduced time to resolution, reduced consultancy fees and yet a bespoke answer that fits your needs.