5 Dynamics

When people’s strengths and talents are aligned with their tasks and roles in an organization, the results are spectacular. Now there is a quick, easy, and scientifically solid way to do it: 5 Dynamics. After 25 years of research, we’ve found you can measure how a person prefers to learn, collaborate, and get things done — the three key processes to success and satisfaction at work.

In less than 3 minutes, 5 Dynamics reveals the ways in which team members naturally focus their energy and efforts as they work together in any process.  Energy refers to the ability to sustain high performance over time without stress. This is quite different from competence, which people have known how to measure for many years.

Because 5 Dynamics focuses on process rather than on personality, it is easy for teammates to recognize and capitalize on one another’s strengths, and align their energies for increased innovation, efficiency and results. 5 Dynamics also helps individuals and teams recognize blind spots and imbalances.

The 5 Dynamics are simple to understand and apply, and can be readily used by, leaders, employees, executives, and coaches to improve business results while minimizing stress.

Much more than an assessment, 5 Dynamics is a radically innovative suite of online tools that allows you to readily:

  • Measure how people prefer to work, learn, and collaborate.
  • Specify what any working pair, team, or process requires in order to be successful.
  • Map the individuals’ energies to the process for optimal results.
  • Assist people in developing and adapting those energies, insofar as possible.

Applying people’s energies to goals is a critical determinant of external success and internal satisfaction. The powerful assessment, individual, interpersonal and team reports and online tools have direct application to:

  • Leadership development
  • Team building / New team launch
  • On-boarding
  • Performance management
  • Organization / role design
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration
  • Diversity awareness & appreciation
  • Coaching/monitoring